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Splendini’S Art Sample #1

Splendini’S Art Sample #1 – Another Art Market!
Saturday the 4th of January and Sunday the 5th daytime, art and prints by Something Else, Kavel Rafferty , Lisa Gingles y The Jazz Problem and more… Presents for Reyes for all.
On Sunday, there will be cake and wine!


Ciutat Vella Oberta – Open Studios

Ciutat Vella en detalle

This weekend, the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, I am participating in the Ciutat Vella Oberta arts festival in Valencia.

My little studio in the heart of el barrio Carmen is open to the public. Screenprints, digital prints and lots of other goodies by me, as well as collage, prints and posters by other artists.

During the festival, you can also see a collection of my photos from my ‘Valencia en Detalle’ project. 42 photos from the Cuitat Vella neighborhood. Textures, tiles and typography. The detail and patina of the city captured when exploring its sunny streets – Finding beauty from the everyday and the traces people leave behind…

This is not a shop – Calle Baja, 27 bajo
Friday 8th, 17-21h
Saturday 9th, 11-14h
Sunday 10th,11-14h

More info here about the Ciutat Vella Oberta.



Lovely new work by Jordi Duró, limited edition of 25 screen prints for 180 Hilos, this is my favorite of the three prints.

Jordi and Clara at Duró Studio Barcelona are currently working on my new website. Can’t wait to see it!


Carl Carlton

New record for my small box, I can feel it – Carl Carlton, love it! Great drum logo too!




Adding loads of new record sleeves to record envelope today, including this fantastic fontana sleeve. Thanks to Miguel from Valencia for lending me some of his collection, some lovely Spanish and South American generic sleeves.

Negative shapes


Found these balsa wood bits this morning at encants market. No idea what I’ll do with them, but I like them all the same.